Welcome to the campaign trail!

Tonight I drove to Enid to have conversations with the Garfield County Democratic Party.

We talked about a variety of topics, from prison pipeline, to economic insecurity caused by oil and gas prices, to public education funding (or lack thereof), to Democrats and Republicans working together. We talked about the state budget, and how the downside to term limits means that we can't go to Senior Legislators and ask what was going on when this line item was added? Because there aren't any left from most of our state budget line items. The overarching theme of the night, which I said again and again, was, "We're all in this together!" It was a fun time for me, talking issues and discussing my ideas on how to fix it. Many thanks to the Garfield County Democrats for the warm welcome!

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  • Carl Slater
    commented 2018-01-27 18:49:25 -0600
    I saw what seemed to be a kickoff speech for Amber Jansen’s campaign.
    I am an Oklahoma (OSU) expatriate living in Seattle Washington. I have been in grassroots politics for over forty years. I would like to share some thoughts on you about your campaign. You need to get some speech coaching or at least look at videos of you speeches. I would advise developing an issues three hole note book to keep track of issues that come up as you meet voters. These would be issues that voters raise that were not on your radar already. Record the issue and if you do not have a satisfactory answer on the spot do research get back to the person (get address, email, phone, etc.) I think I have your official website. You need a telephone number. I realize everyone is on the web, but you do not to miss anyone. The NW Oklahoma demographic has a high percentage of senior citizens who may not be on the web. I would like to make contact with your campaign. I have managed campaigns, been a district chair, etc. I might be able to help Carl Slater