Panhandle Adventures

The blog is started! I'll log in here and talk about the people I meet, the stories they tell, or just goings-on in the AJ4OK campaign.

Yesterday and today, we have been in the Guymon area. It's been quite the adventure!

When I left Woodward, it was 77 degrees. As of this morning around 5 am, it was 29 degrees. So glad I brought my coat! Last evening, with blustery wind, I blew into the Pub 54 in Guymon to join a wonderful group of people! It was informal, relaxed, and fun. We talked about the state budget, the gross production tax, education, teacher pay, prison reform, state-run programs that we need to ditch or keep, and a whole host of other topics!

This morning, I awoke to a frosted Guymon at 5 am. I got to the Golden Crown's Coffeeville at 7 am. I'm not much of a morning person, but I found I really enjoyed this one! The fireplace was lit, and several people showed up, peeled off their coats, got their coffees, and settled in to chat. We talked about issues our state is facing, and told some of my ideas on how to save our state. We talked about voter registrations, and how important it is to teach our young adults the importance of voting.

This afternoon, I met with some great people at the Guymon Public Library. We talked about my life as an Army wife, and how it helped prepare me for being the one to begin to change this "opposition" culture in our legislature. Every time I moved somewhere new, I was forced to meet a whole new group of friends, coworkers, and neighbors. I learned to listen to people, and mind my own business. I learned to assert myself when it's important. The Army's "Adapt and Overcome" phrase became part of my life! Now I want to take those skills into the legislature and push our state to the greatness it deserves. We're all in this together!

More later...

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  • Jean Neal
    commented 2017-10-29 14:21:31 -0500
    Great beginning!!!